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Casino games are very popular here in the UK. That is why we wanted to write an article about just how popular gambling here is and how we feel about different things that are happening in the industry today.

There are a lot of casino information circulating out there today. It can sometimes be difficult to asses where to begin, or what to believe when reading up on casinos. For this reason we felt that it is time to produce a good, reliable online casino guide that does not renounce on the quality of the information produced. 

Perhaps you are a bit concerned about what casinos are legal to play? Maybe you are not 100% sure what do´s and dont´s existing in the casino industry? This, and more is what we aim to make clear for you in our guides!

To begin with, the house does always have the advantage. No matter what game you are playing, the casino and not you have the statistical advantage. It does not matter how a hand is played, or if you are on a winning streak on a slot machine. The house will always have a slight edge in the long run.

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Large match bonus

Many brick-and-mortar casinos

Especially in the Greater London area, there are plenty of brick-and-mortar establishments, which let their customers partake in gambling activities. Many of these casinos host dozens of slot machines as well as many table games for those who want to experience a more social way of gaming.

Many of London casinos are willing to give their new customers nice gifts for signing up. Most popular of these would be extra chips that you can use to kind of lower the house edge for table games. In addition to this, there are many gambling establishments that serve alcohol and even food for an extra cost. Sadly, we have not found any UK casinos that are willing to give their customers free drinks, coffee or anything of the sort. In other European countries such as Bulgaria, however, you can often get beers free of charge when playing. Lower inhibitions mean customers who play more.

Growing number of online casinos in the UK

Those who live in London might enjoy going to real brick-and-mortar casinos, but not everyone has the means to travel to an actual land-based casino. Luckily, there is a great number of online casinos that cater to British needs as well. We would definitely recommend that you always play at casinos that have been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission since this will save you from many a harm.

UK Gambling Commission changes in 2018

If you are a fan of online casinos, you may have heard about the UKGC making a lot of changes to the way they handle things in 2018. This includes imposing stricter rules on online casinos to make sure that everything is done in a very professional and responsible manner. For instance, there has been some talk about UKGC not giving licenses to online casinos that use people who look too young in their advertising. This is obviously because the UKGC does not want casinos to brand themselves as places that are necessarily trendy and good for you if you are, for example, a student.

Another much talked about change carried out by the UK Gambling Commission is the fact that online casinos are not allowed to use the term “free spins” anymore to refer to spins that actually require you to make a deposit. Instead, this term is nowadays reserved only for the so-called no deposit free spins that are given without the need to deposit. The other kind of extra spins can only be referred to as just that—extra spins or bonus spins.

Overall, we think that the UKGC probably means well with what they have been doing over the past few months. A lot of their changes have indeed been done for the betterment of the industry and the players’ right. But, at the same time, we feel that being too strict could as well stifle the growth of the business and make online casinos wanting to come to the British market too wary. It must not be that easy to create an online casino in the first place but having to conform to a huge set of rules could make it even more off-putting.

All in all, we do still think that the world of gambling in the UK is going to flourish in the years to come. Hopefully, this will happen in an even safer manner as well.