Legal Online Casino Guide

In this article, we will discuss online casino legality. Instead of having just a boring list of countries and their stance on online casinos, we encourage you to go to Wikipedia if you want to find something of the sort. Here we will be talking about things that could affect the legality of this particular form of entertainment. Additionally, we will give you our opinion on whether online casinos should be legal or not.

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A few things that could affect online casino legality around the world

There are indeed several things that could affect the legality of online casinos in your jurisdiction. Historically speaking, there are a lot of countries that ban online casinos on the basis of religion. In many religions around the world, there is a concept of sin or something else that makes the gods angry or disappointed in people. While we cannot really call gambling one of the Catholic church’s deadly sins, it could be somewhat linked to some of the sins. One of the most prominent sins here would be the deadly sin of greed.


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Religions, in general, are not fans of the desire to have a lot of money or other physical possessions. Instead, religions often focus on the spiritual realm, which means that modern capitalism does not necessarily fit in very well with gambling. Then again, in many religions and spiritual teachings, you are supposed to renounce your possessions, which means that you should not be too concerned with money and other frivolous things. In this way, we feel like there is even somewhat of a spiritual meaning to gambling. It is almost as if we are saying that money is not that important and that there are other things in life that are more satisfying. Granted, though, we could see gambling as being greedy as well because we are essentially trying to reach more wealth than what we have by any means necessary when we are gambling.

Another reason to ban gambling could be because the country is poor or wants to take good care (even if a bit obsessively) of their residents. We have read that at least Ukraine has banned gambling and said that it is just a way for young and poor people to become even poorer. Of course, even here the religion-factor might be in the works.

All in all, it is not hard to see why religions and religious countries might want to ban gambling.

Should gambling be banned – our take on online casino legality

It is a very tough question to answer whether online casinos should be banned or not. While we do love ourselves online casinos, we do think that there are some things with this form of entertainment that can be bothersome. Namely, there are a lot of people that are gambling compulsively and do indeed lose a lot of money on games of luck. Then again, you kind of cannot fault gambling for the fact that some people have trouble controlling their relationship to it. The same thing applies to things like alcohol—should we ban alcohol just because there are people who cannot control their intake?

Of course, we do consider gambling addiction to be an illness, but if we start banning everything that could be harmful, we are in for a very slippery slope. Furthermore, we are firm believers in the fact that if you take away one problem or addiction, those addicted might very well find something else that is self-destructive.

The best thing that could happen is that online casinos take even more responsibility in trying to keep those addicted away from playing. To us, that is a much better solution than just banning everyone from having fun.