Online slot machines and luck

We decided to write something a bit different this time. This text is about casino slots and luck.

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We at Times Casino like casino slots. To us, they are the number one thing that got us into online casinos. Luck in an interesting thing: you never know what kind of a luck you are going to have today. Of course, there is really no such thing as luck or lucky days, though. There are just odds that manifest themselves differently at different times.


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When we play online slots, we often talk about how unlucky we are. We at Times Casino have heard so many people say “I never win anything!” This is interesting because when we talk about things like raffles and lotteries, they are all based on a very slim chance to win. When you take part in a raffle where the winner gets a vacation in the Bahamas, you can be sure that the odds of winning are next to nothing. Still, when someone does win, they immediately talk about how they have never won anything in their life.

With casino slots, the great thing is that any one of us can feel lucky. Instead of only one people out of 100 000 participants winning, with online slots, a lot of us actually end up winning. In the long run, the odds are most certainly stacked against us, but every now and then you might really luck out. We, for instance, have sometimes gotten lucky for about three to four casino sessions in a row. Sometimes we will deposit £50 and go home with nothing, but other times we could just as well withdraw £200 at the end of the day. Winning from slots is not that difficult, although sometimes it will feel impossible.

The strange thing about slots is that when we are being lucky, everything just seems to fall into place. When we are lucky, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Sometimes there is just no stopping to those sweet wins—they just keep on coming without us having to exert ourselves one bit. Then, when our luck turns, winning becomes impossible. It is as if we just cannot catch a break, no matter what we do.

We might start with £20 and rise to £400 in a flash, just to be blinded by our luck and dropping down to £200. It is just very hard to fathom that sometimes just a few pounds will be enough to take us all the way to the promised land, but then a few hundred quid cannot win us as much as one pound.

If there is something that we have learned about luck in our time playing casino slots, it is that luck cannot be bought or persuaded. Either you are lucky or you are not, it is as simple as that. Luck can be very fickle as well in a way that it will turn at a drop of a hat. What used to be your lucky day will turn right on its head.

Oftentimes we think about whether slots really are a hoax and whether there is a button that someone is pushing to make us lose. However, this is not the case because this business is so well regulated nowadays. Such tomfoolery could not fly with all the licensing parties and such out there.

Essentially, we all just have to accept that luck is indeed fickle and that there is nothing that we can do about things other than watch the odds manifest themselves in as brutal a way as they will.