At Times Casino, we always tend to start quickly with our articles. We are not the kind to blabber about meaningless things before finally getting to the business at hand. Thus, we will not be doing that here either and will instead just get right to it.

betting online

In this text, we are going to explain to you the art of betting. What is betting all about, how do you go about it, and more.

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What does betting mean

Betting is the act of investing money on something that you think is going to happen or has at least somewhat of a chance of happening.

For instance, if you think that Manchester City is going to be able to get one up on Manchester United, you might want to bet some money on them. This way, if what you thought comes true, you will be given back your bet as well as some money on top of it.

The amount of money that you win (the money on top of your own bet) is always based on how probable the bookmaker thought your win would be. If the bookmaker thought that Man City did not have a snowball’s chance in hell, that means that you will be rewarded handsomely.

Then again, if the bookmaker thought that Man City were actually the front-runners to do well, you might only get a few measly percents

Betting sites around the world

Today there are literally thousands of betting sites operating on the internet, most of which you’ve never heard of. For example, just in Sweden there are over 100 betting sites active.

In Kenya, sports betting is growing exponentially and sites like are popping up every day.

Even in India, where betting on cricket is the main attraction, more and more betting sites are launching every month.

A good example of this is the recent boom of new casinos targeting the Indian market. Just to name a few we have LeoVegas, Royal Panda, Unibet, Betsson and 10Bet.

All major betting companies with lots of substance in other parts of the world, but now they are all going “all-in” on the Indian betting market.

Interesting times indeed!

Why should you bet

For us at Times Casino, engaging in some sports betting has always been a lot of fun. We bet money on sports because it gives us more of an incentive to watch the matches with vested interest. Especially if you are not that much of a sports nut, placing a wager here and there will make it easier for you to get behind your team.

As Britons, we all know a person who is totally into football and always has to catch their team’s matches even if there is something “more important” to do. When watching sports with this kind of rabid fans, you often feel like a second-class sports fan. You see them waving their arms in the air and living in the moment but for you, it is a lot harder to be invested—especially since you are comparing yourself to them. By putting some of your own money on the line, it will be a lot easier to get into the same vibe.

Being that we, the people behind Times Casino, are more casino nuts than anything else, it was not that easy for us to get into sports in the first place. With the help of some of our own bets here and there, however, we slowly started following many different sports. Nowadays we know quite a bit about sports such as volleyball, ice hockey, tennis and even badminton—all because we wanted to invest some money and see whether we could get hooked on these sports. The fact of the matter is that most sports are very exhilarating when you really get into them, and this really happened to a lot of us as well.


Sports betting is a very easy thing to get into and to understand. If you are a fan of sports, sports betting will be a very easy and appropriate fit for you. And, even if you are not that much into sports now, this could be a fantastic way to ease yourself into them—one small bet at a time!